Voki is a free collection of customizable speaking avatars for teachers and students that enhances classroom instruction, class engagement, and lesson comprehension.

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Simple to Get Started

Join over two million teachers and students all over the world who have discovered the (power) of Voki. Our user-friendly interface allows you to customize the look of your avatar with a click of a mouse. Simply, choose your head, clothes, and accessories. Give your Voki a voice, and then add a background. It's that easy!

Share your Voki

What's the fun in creating something that others can't see? We make it easy for you to share your Voki. Send a Voki email message to your friends or post it on Facebook, Twitter or your web site or Blog. Use it for teaching and learning, or just share a whacky message.

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Voki Presenter

Voki Presenter lets teachers communicate their lessons in a new exciting way.

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Captivate your Audience

Add a little spice to your lessons: empower your Voki to be your teaching assistant, and to deliver your words on cue! Voki Presenter lets you create presentations using your favorite Voki characters. Create as many presentations as you like, with as many slides as you want.

Imagination is the Limit

Got much to say? With Voki Presenter your favorite Voki can say as much as you want it to! There is no limit to the audio to be spoken - use additional slides to deliver more information. Be creative! Mix and match your Vokis or their outfits to deliver different ideas. Even script a conversation with your Voki. The possibilities are endless!

No Student Left Behind

Missing a lesson can be a thing of the past. With Voki Presenter a student can view your presentation, listening to your voice, at home, at school, or anywhere. Voki Presenter saves your presentation on the cloud with a unique URL to be viewed anywhere. Share it with your students, with parents or with fellow teachers.

Voki Classroom

Voki Classroom allows education to organize teaching and learning with Voki

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Focus on What's Important

Prepare in advance, and use classroom time for teaching and learning. By setting up your classes and lessons, you allow students to immediately access their Voki assignments and begin creating their Vokis. Once completed, students' Vokis can be reviewed and automatically appear on the lesson page. Spend less time on overhead and more time on teaching!

Take Voki Home

Voki Classroom can be used for homework too! Assign and manage homework or project work, set deadlines, and verify time of submission. Students can use Voki classroom to work on their assignments at home. While you review and manage their work from wherever you happen to be.

Publish Students' Work

A Lesson Page is automatically created for each lesson. When students complete their Voki assignment, be it classwork or homework - all approved Vokis are automatically placed on the Lesson Page. This allows you to view all your students' work on one page. Share it with the class, with parents or post it on the school web site.

Protecting Privacy

Privacy is important. Even more so when it comes to your students! With Voki Classroom, students don't need to register. Usernames and passwords are automatically generated for them. Lesson Pages can be password protected and students' names hidden so only those you authorize can view them.

Voki Hangouts

Voki Hangouts is a community forum, designed to empower students and encourage participation and self expression.

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VOKI Hangouts
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VOKI Hangouts

Exchange Ideas Creatively

Voki Hangouts is a social hub allowing students to communicate their ideas - not through text, nor video - but by means of animated talking characters. Students select their persona - and using their chosen avatar can provide their point of view. Social indicators - "likes", "views" - encourage & motivate intelligent participation.

Subject Matter Driven

Bring selected students together to determine the student group in a Hangout. Whether by class, proficiency or shared interests - it is up to you.The teacher also creates the Topics in a Hangout - and provides guidelines and background material to challenge the students in exploring the Topic, facilitate and monitor student discourse.

Monitored and Safe

Student posts are subject to teacher review and approval. Teacher can remove inappropriate posts, provide feedback to the student or suspend a student from the Hangout.

Protecting Student Privacy

We take students' safety seriously. With Voki Hangouts, students interact with each other via animation and audio - not video, to safeguard their privacy..

Voki Teach

Engage your students and optimize your time with our pioneering ready-to-teach curriculum designed by certified teachers.

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Why Students Will Love It

Voki Teach is an interactive academic experience. This presentation tool allows students to interact with characters similar to the ones they admire on TV, but with a slight scholastic twist. In the classroom, the characters act as educators, mentors, and experts, taking students through scientific, literary, historical and analytical discoveries. At the end of the lessons, students are prompted to create their own Voki presentation as both a digital assessment and summary of the lesson.

Why Teachers Will Love It

Engaging content, created according to the highest standards, in ready-to-teach form is hard to come by. Voki Teach provides teachers with lessons crafted by certified teachers, that follow what we believe to be the best and highest curricular standards available today. Each lesson comes with a tailor-made lesson plan and graphic organizer that provides the teacher with all the information needed to incorporate it in the classroom. With Voki Teach, teachers will spend more time facilitating their learning environment and less time on creating their lessons plans!

Here's How We Did It

Our team of teachers certified in Literacy, ESL, General Education, and Special Education, crafted lessons that they use in their own classrooms! Guided by our research, and utilizing what we believe to be the best US state or national standards available today, the lessons achieve the highest levels of instruction, while still remaining completely differentiable. By infusing instructional best practices we were able to generate lessons that maximize engagement and foster effective teaching.

We're sorry, Voki requires IE version 11 or higher, and also works great with other browsers!

Voki avatars are the educational tool adopted by millions of teachers across the world that allows user to create their own talking characters.

Voki also offers a cloud based classroom management and presentation tools that provide teachers and students with:

  • Readily available edtech tools to increase students' levels of engagement, motivation, parcipitation and learning
  • Offers students a wider range of activities to address different learning styles
  • Creates richer, more contextualized learning experiences that lead to greater internalization and retention of lesson material