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Getting Started with Voki
To get started making your first Voki character just click the Create link above! We also have a great video walkthrough which provides step-by-step instructions.

Still have questions? Check out our page of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ).
Voki Classroom Resources
Getting Started Guide (PDF): Use this easy-to-follow guide to get started with Voki Classroom
Voki Classroom User Guide (PDF): For detailed instructions,read this complete User Guide.
Voki Classroom Student Guide (PDF): Quick reference guide for Voki classroom students
Voki Presenter Resources
Getting Started Guide: How to sign up and feature overview of Voki Presenter.
Voki Presenter User Guide: And in-depth guide on how to use Voki Presenter.
Voki Schools
Getting Started with your Voki School License.
Mobile App
Use the Voki mobile App to create Voki avatars for class, homework and just for fun!
Read about our latest developments, interviews and blog posts with educators, and get Voki tips.
Voki Tip of
The Week
Here are some useful and helpful tips for you to use Voki:
For more Tips of the Week, Click here
Planning on presenting Voki to colleagues or at a conference? Check out the resource below you can use it for your presentation. Feel free to use it as is, or take bits and pieces as you like! Contact us at feedback@voki.com and tell us about your presentation.

We're sorry, Voki requires IE version 11 or higher, and also works great with other browsers!

Voki avatars are the educational tool adopted by millions of teachers across the world that allows user to create their own talking characters.

Voki also offers a cloud based classroom management and presentation tools that provide teachers and students with:

  • Readily available edtech tools to increase students' levels of engagement, motivation, parcipitation and learning
  • Offers students a wider range of activities to address different learning styles
  • Creates richer, more contextualized learning experiences that lead to greater internalization and retention of lesson material