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Voki Partner Program

The Voki Partner Program allows community and publisher sites to enable their end users to create Interactive, personalized speaking avatars and Publish them to your site seamlessly.

  • All Partners can integrate avatars with our secure API
  • Premium Partners can get deep customization, viral features and advertising opportunities
Key Voki Partner Platform Features Basic Premium

Administrative Access:

A web-based administration system to easily integrate and manage your avatar platform.
yes yes


Integrate and control avatars within any web environment or application.
yes yes

Avatar Character Styles and Assets:

Define sets from available Voki default styles.
yes yes

Avatar Editor Configurations:

Create multiple editors, each with unique content and look and feel.
yes yes


Enable users to Import/Export Avatars to other web environments.
yes yes


Community flagging and bad word filter for inappropriate content.
no yes


Add your logo to the Avatar Editing Environment
no yes


Sell and Monetize Inventory on your Avatar Platform
no yes

Viral Features:

Avatars embedded in other communities link back to your site.
no yes

*Application Platform:

Multi-user games, forums, battles, discussion
no yes

Full Customization Options:

Upload Avatar Editor skin/background image no yes
Edit optional registration copy no yes
Select end-user facing audio features (mic, phone in, TTS, upload) no yes
Select player features (mobile, commenting, etc) no yes
Walled garden (Edit import/export settings of Avatars b/w other communities) no yes
Incorporate specialty assets and character styles unique to Partner Site no yes

*Voki Application Platform

Voki Integrated Content Applications allow Premium Partners to create a limitless number of fully customized social applications and create new advertising inventory for media and sponsorship opportunities.

Download the Voki Partner Documentation

Want to see how it works? Download our Voki Partner Documentation to see how easy it can be to add avatars to your community. Download the API Now

Partner Showcase

Shockwave Evite


Shockwave, the largest casual game destination on the web, is providing users with Voki avatars for community development. Shockwave users can express themselves through Voki speaking avatars on their Shockwave profile pages and represent themselves across their casual game entertainment experiences.


Evite enables users to create their own party personality, using Voki avatars. RSVP was never this much fun!


GotVoice provides avatars to read user's voicemail. Enables users to post their voicemail avatars to blogs, YouTube, etc.

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