Getting Started

Getting Started
with Voki

Getting Started

Creating a Voki is as simple as clicking Create and starting! This page contains resources to help you get under way.

Voki FAQ: Common questions answered.

Getting Started

Voki Getting Started: How to create a Voki

Voki Classroom Resources

Voki Classroom FAQ: Read answers to common questions.

Getting Started Guide (PDF): Use this easy-to-follow guide to get started with Voki Classroom

Voki Classroom User Guide (PDF): For detailed instructions, read this complete user Guide.

Voki Classroom Student Guide (PDF): Quick reference guide for Voki classroom students

Voki Presenter Resources

Voki Presenter FAQ: Frequently asked questions answered.

Getting Started Guide : How to sign up and feature overview of Voki Presenter.

Voki Presenter User Guide :      And in-depth guide on how to use Voki Presenter.

Voki Teach : Common Core aligned, ready-to-teach lessons created by teachers for teachers.


Voki is proud to present the ability to allow educators to use Voki on the iPad. Click here to find out how!


Read about our latest developments, interviews and blog posts with educators, and get Voki tips.


A blast from the past. Contains copies of our previous newsletters.

Getting Started

Voki Tip Of
The Week

Here are some useful and helpful tips for you to use Voki:

Voki on PowerPoint:Find out    how to embed Voki in PowerPoint    presentations.

Embed Voki on Google Sites:    Learn how to have a Voki on your    Google Site

Voki on SMART Notebook: Easily    embed Vokis on SMART    Notebook

For more Tips of the Week, Click here

Presentation Materials

Planning on presenting Voki to colleagues or at a conference? Check out the resource below you can use it for your presentation. Feel free to use it as is, or take bits and pieces as you like! Contact us at and tell us about your presentation.

Voki Powerpoint

Voki Brochure

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